About the Project

Synthesis in Restoration Ecology

The recently declared ‘Decade on Ecological Restoration’ by the United Nations represents a timely opportunity to develop a strong and integrative path forward for ecological restoration.

The Global Restore Project (GRP) aims to bring together restoration researchers globally to pool existing data and knowledge for a deeper understanding of restoration science.

Restoration has been taking place for decades across ecosystems, in every part of the world, with millions being spent. Different types of restoration ‘action’ have been taking place, depending on the definitions and targets of individual projects and their context.

Data collected are used for monitoring, the results of which are sometimes published in academic journals, sometimes not. Projects and investment will continue, the results of which will affect legacies for decades more.Together, we will develop a large, cross-cutting and collaborative effort to compile data from across the world, across ecosystems and across restoration efforts and types, and build a global network of restoration practitioners and projects. The Global Arid Zone Project (GAZP) Database is a collaborative drylands subset and network of the Global Restore Project. Please visit the GRP and GAZP project websites for more information!

Our Focus

We are interested in ecological community data, and will begin by focusing on grasslands, drylands and wetlands. Below are examples of the ecosystems, habitats, degradation and restoration types we are interested in. As opposed to a traditional meta-analysis, which uses effect-sizes for analyses, and is thus an analysis of analyses, we are interested in building a database of raw data, allowing more flexibility and power for syntheses to take place to maximise the learning potential of this endeavor.

Who we are

Emma Ladouceur

Global Restore Project (GRP) Coordinator | Postdoc, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Nancy Shackelford

Global Arid Zone Project (GAZP) Coordinator | Restoration of Natural Systems Director & Assistant Professor, University of Victoria

Holly P. Jones

Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Jonathan Chase

Professor, Head of the Biodiversity Synthesis Group, iDiv

Lars Brudvig

Associate Professor, Michigan State University

W. Stanley Harpole

Professor, Head of the Physiological Diversity Group, iDiv

Gustavo Paterno

Kelly Garvy

Global Restore Project & Global Arid Zone Project Web Developer, Consultant for the Pew Charitable Trusts, Founder of UpstateNC

Lauren Young

Global Restore Project Assistant, MSc Candidate in Environmental Sciences, Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg

Funding & Logistical Support