Upload your data

An overview

Your data contribution is what makes The Global Restore Project (GRP) a growing resource for restoration ecologists. In order to facilitate rapid processing and database updates, we require that contributors format their data in a standardized structure for submission. Each step below describes the key components for data contribution.

Standardizing your data

There are two downloadable files to assist you in standardizing your data. The data legend is a PDF that provides a legend for each of the worksheets. The data contribution file is the Excel workbook that should be filled out for your data submission.

Fill the data contribution workbook out and submit it online using the Data Submission step at the bottom of this page. If this work is published, either in a scientific journal or other type report, please include that work in the Data Submission step at the bottom of the page.

If you have reference data (intact vegetation monitoring data), please include that data and treat it as a treatment in the data. Thus, it will be included in the same single data contribution workbook.

If processing in this way is a significant barrier to your involvement, please contact the project leadership team at theglobalrestoreproject@gmail.com and discuss alternatives. Also please reach out with feedback or questions on this process.

Upload your data

You can upload your data and relevant publications at the below Google Form link