The Global Restore Project is a collaboration of restoration researchers using the power of data to deliver better outcomes for restoration ecology.

The recently declared ‘Decade on Ecological Restoration’ by the United Nations represents a timely opportunity to develop a strong and integrative path forward for ecological restoration.

The Global Restore Project (GRP) aims to bring together restoration researchers globally to pool existing data and knowledge for a deeper understanding of restoration science.

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Current Ecosystems






7 Habitat Types

152 Datasets

6 Continents

27 Countries

6,073 Species

1.25 Million Datapoints

125 Contributors

Future Ecosystems

Salt marsh


submerged aquatic vegetation

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Ways to get involved

Who we are

Emma Ladouceur

Global Restore Project (GRP) Coordinator | Postdoc, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Nancy Shackelford

Global Arid Zone Project (GAZP) Coordinator | Restoration of Natural Systems Director & Assistant Professor, University of Victoria

Jonathan Chase

Professor, Head of the Biodiversity Synthesis Group, iDiv

W. Stanley Harpole

Professor, Head of the Physiological Diversity Group, iDiv

Holly P. Jones

Global Restore Project Collaborator, Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Lars Brudvig

Global Restore Project Collaborator, Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Gustavo Paterno

Global Restore Project Collaborator, Postdoc, University of Göttingen

Jack Boyce

Global Restore Project Assistant, MSc Candidate in Sustainable Development, Leipzig University

Sybryn Maes

Global Restore Project Collaborator, Postdoc,
Tree Planting Synthesis, KU Leuven

Funding & Logistical Support

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